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The Company F.R. COMPRESSORS is authorized dealer for the sale of compressed air products including brand Kaeser: compressors for artisan and industrial sector, Refrigeration dryers and adsorption cycle, Vertical and horizontal tanks, filtration systems and compressed air treatment, industrial chiller. Our company is located in Naples in Via Bernardino Telesio nr. 43, is partner of more than four hundred companies distributed between Campania and Lazio. The services offered range from the sale, rental Information, support, maintenance, Revision and service of brand new screw compressors kaeser and used of all brands, tanks, dryers, filter elements, etc. to serve the companies that use compressed air. E’ can also also the supply of compressors and compressed air equipment with leasing formula / operating lease. We also offer our experience in the design and construction of compressed air distribution piping systems with both iron and aluminum, Theseus being partners. A plant compressed air distribution is not perfectly sized fact, negative impact on the performance of the compressed air production plant, determining increments of energy consumption and consequently of the production management costs. Mismanagement of compressed air station control in fact, It involves the stop of the compressors and a high probability of rupture of the same. So it is very important to rely on technical experts in service and repair of compressors.

E’ yet available an Engineering service can support and complement the company nell'esplicazione of detention practices and the use of pressure vessels, as defined by D.M. 329/2004 following the implementation in Italy of PED. We also specialize in the development of energy management projects, through which we propose actions aimed at optimizing and rationalizing the energy demands. Very often, in fact there is the possibility not to vary the production scheme but at the same time reduce consumption, thus determining a considerable saving in fixed operating costs.

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Accurate and timely delivery…

I had an exceptional consulting! I buy a chiller..che has streamlined my business by 70% .. I've also had a lot of tips on maintenance..

We had a serious issue in workshops to plants that already had! I have put affixed and I also bought a compressor used to rate..un failure has become thanks to them an opportunity

They needed a couple of tanks and a screw compressor for my ditta..ma we had budget problems, but we have come to meet with a lease! WOW


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